Advance Diploma

In Mobile Repair Technology

The Advanced Diploma in Mobile Repair & Technology is a specialized program designed to deepen your expertise in digital electronics and mobile repair. Uncover crucial electronics concepts, including electricity, SMD components, and schematic diagrams. Explore advanced techniques such as microscope utilization, IC reballing, and creative applications of a 5-in-1 digital power supply. Master OCA machine operations for display replacement, LCD separation, and fault diagnosis, gaining a comprehensive skill set for a thriving career in the dynamic realm of mobile technology. Elevate your capabilities and seize opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry.

The 90 Hours course consists of :

Digital Electronics 

  • Includes Module 1 & Module 2
  • What is Electricity?
  • Use of ESD in Electronics
  • Introduction of Electricity
  • Introduction of Volt, Current, Watt
  • Identification of SMD Components
  • Testing and rework on SMD components
  • Understanding Schematic Diagram

Use of Microscope

  • Steps to set Microscope
  • Jumper Techniques
  • Reballing IC
  • All PCB level works
  • Introduction of CPU/EMMC & various type of ICs

    Digital Power Supply 5 in 1
  • How to set the DC power supply for various testing
  • How to make Short Killer from DC Supply
  • Use a power supply to power on mobile instead of a battery
  • How to use the power supply to boost the battery
  • Various other uses of digital power supply

OCA Machine

  • How to set OCA Machine for work
  • Replacement of display from mobile phone
  • Separation of LCD and Touch Glass from LCD Separator
  • Glue removing work process
  • How to punch LCD and Touch Glass in OCA Machine
  • How to remove Bubbles from LCD
  • Basic fault finding and repairing of OCA Machine